What is she wearing post continue from scarlet LAQ head.

at home c

Head LAQ Scarlet weekend deal 1000 L$ but will go up to 5000 after the 10.12.17.


Body Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 cost L$ 2750


Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko hair GROUPGIFT


Shawl – 07.erratic / cwe – shawl / beige – @ market place price range 49L$

Boots – neve boots – snow tan @ 250L$ – Winter Trend


Jeans – Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans slim – Washed Out 390L$


Tops – .miss chelsea. Mali Kimono Beige @ market place price 250L$

Belly Bug – EarthStones Belly Bugs – Maitreya – Dragonfly price 399L$


Earrings hoops – SUGAR – HOOPS! V1 @ market place price 159L$

Hat – can’t remember name but will add when i find it.

Sunglasses – OLQINU : tasseled glasses <saint> brought at an event


At north.png


At home

LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Scarlet


at home a

Raw Image

I love playing with my av, for photos so sometimes i will  buy a mesh head for a particular look.

So i went and looked at LAQ, from the different heads i have this is the most easy one to use, skin for the head comes with it, but it doesn’t mean i can’t use other skins, but someone new to mesh heads might think 5000 l$ is a lot but there was no tears or temper tantrum and i had it up and running within 5 mins once i got my body fat sorted so the neck fitted. i tend to have mine on 11, but there are choices.

The Hud

Is very people friendly, the first part is the skin for the face its called Features. Here you can hide or show different things, the only thing i turned of was the eyes, cos it freaked me out, i felt i looked like an alien and added my Own mesh eyes i already had.

You will need to buy the body skin colour which isn’t too bad to buy, it is worth to buy the mesh body skin as they tend to blend in the neck well, if a line shows up check the neck fatness and ensure you have the right body fatness ticked on the body hud. i tend not to turn on the head neck fit as i use a Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 at the time of writing.

re the face hud it gives you choich of blush, freckles and wrinkles which if a nice option as some of us mature ladies sometimes like to add a few wrinkles or laughter lines. you can tone them down by using the slider beside.  The next choice is the brows, this can be tinted if you so wish. They give you three choices of eyes lashes and again you can use the slider to lenght or shorten them. have fun playing to see what you like or don’t.

I played with the lipsticks you can tint and changed the colours, gloss or not just have fun i mottled mine down slightly as i found the gloss was a little too much. It also comes with it first few eyes shadows again you can have them bright or dull them.

You can save premade faces in the hud so all you have to do it click it and it will apply what you have on so it saves you time if you have a particular look.

Animations i really love, spend time exploring and see what does what, my fav at the moment is the one with the tongue poking out, also how you can try and make it sneak out and to the side. you can also have the lips move as you talk, blink etc again explore and find what you like or don’t. its nice that they come within the price not like some and are considered extras.

Do i think its worth 5000 l$ i would say out of 10 i would give it 9 due to not getting my panties in a twist.

If you not been and looked at LAQ heads i would recommend doing so as there are many choices from a youthful look to an older mature look which is nice.

I don’t get free or paid for doing my posts there honest reviews, if i don’t like something i will say so, so if you conterplenting a new mesh head take time and visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LAQ/179/66/31.

On offer for 1000L$ for the weekend 8/12/2017 too 10/12/2017 …. but will go up to 5000L$.









Designer [KR] Kenny Rolands




I love fashion but my owner set me a challenage, winter clothing. I been looking around and i went to TRES CHIC Venue and managed to find a winter off the shoulder knitted dress. I do have rules to follow so its not always easy but i have found a couple by this designer.

The First dress i am going to write about is one i found at TRES CHIC so bare with me. i really loved the movement when the arms moved the knitted collar on the dress moved with the arms making the curve natural and the flow of movement. Shadows making it reliatic too how it mould and fits the body i was wearing.

For me it was well worth the money and i have been back and got the blue version too.



(Both images are raw no touch up as you can see.)

1. [KR] LONDON WINTER -Red- but comes in other colours too

cost 300l$

@ TRES CHIC Venue :- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nika/154/144/22

The Next out fit is from his shop on secondlife, i didn’t find a store in M/P which is a shame espically for working girls who might be bored at work and uses the M/P when ofline.

Raw images.

2. [KR] LOLITA -Red&White-

cost 375l$

Kenny Rolands Store @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Galliano/33/108/23

This outfit i liked too, so did mio Signore, i took some close up e the detail of the skirt front so you can see the laces at the front. its comes in a one piece but looks like it could be a two piece.

I love the deep V at the front and back, revealing of the breasts and back, (some men love backs) so it was nice to find something liked this.

It come in many more colour combination of white, black and red, i wished it came with a hud and a fat pack but again it well made.


Picters taken at ‘The Days of O’ sims which has returned different but very intresting.  Membership is required but it is well worth it as there is a lot to see and do, its an adult sims.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carlyle%20Caye/227/236/40

Please Note am not paid or given anything i write about 



please see on flickr artistic views https://www.flickr.com/photos/136777732@N06/

Pose Pack *On The Track*! FULL PACK

I found these poses at one of the events i was visiting. the rail comes as a prop in the full pack, but i am NOT a hundred percent sure if you get the track in single pose pack.

The track itself was wonderful and easy to use, there is 3 couples poses, to adjust if needed is in the menu, the male has to do his own, where i could adjust mind.

There are two single poses, one male and one female, the poses can all be seen below or on my flickr account.

i would give these poses 5/5 and if you can afford it buy the fat pack.

re clothing and bodies etc look at the bottom of the pictures more info there.

track single female posetrack single male pose1. couple track pose2. couple track pose3. couple track pose

Male Model:- Marker Hastings

Body:- Signature – Gianni

Head:- Catwa – Daniel

Skin:- >>Aeros Avatar Maddox<<

Hair:- *ARGRACE* GAKU – Whites

Top:- Prism – B. JEREMY outfit (FREE)

Jeans:- [HR] Mesh Mens Skinny Jeans Black

Female Model:- cherrycarr

Body:- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head:- CATWA HEAD Catya

Shape:- [Elle et Lui] Eva Shape

Skin:-  L’Etre Skin Shop – Adachi Skin

Eyes:- catwa eyes.

Hair:- v/. VolutptasVirtualis Kiara -rare- full set

Top:- [sYs] CHIPIE boyfriend jeans – black

Jeans:- ISON – yso tied shirt – yellow floral


Befuddled. Bento poses

Limit8  Monthly Limited Editions Event. (Round 2)


Opens at 5 pm SLT, on the 18 th of each months.

This is once a month event in sl and i went and looked around, and stumbled upon the poses by <K&S>.

They had one limit and 3 others which were not limit and still up for sale.

I really like them and brought them all as i managed to get the limited before it was sold out.

I decided to use them as seen below soft sensual.

limit pose is below.

no1. fur pupsy done

2 pupsy fur done

no3. fur pupsy done

no.4 fur pupsy done

Model is myself Cherrycarr

Body:- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head:- CATWA HEAD Catya

Shape:- [Elle et Lui] Eva Shape

Skin:-  L’Etre Skin Shop – Adachi Skin

Eyes:- catwa eyes.

Hair:- v/. VolutptasVirtualis Kiara -rare- full set


Who is she?

who is she

There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.

Audrey Hepburn

clothes by:-

-David Heather-Sinclair Blazer/Nude
-David Heather-Sinclair Swimsuit/Nude


(Yummy) Vice Sunglasses – Black

Hair:- Tokyo.Girl – Hair Licca [ all color ]


[ Elysion ] lm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Les%20Reves/200/87/38

A day at the beach

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all three pictures taken at Luane’s World  click here for LM

clothing:- these are from my own wardrobe i do not blogg for anyone so i speak what i find.

Elegance Boutique – Pants (Belt w/HUD) – Red  ” Star” – used the tied belt option but the chain is nice too more for the evening. found @ Kinky Advent click here for LM

Emery Hamptons Off Shoulder Top – Pure @ Uber month advent click here for LM

Sunglasses –  (Yummy) Vice Sunglasses – black brought from market place. easy to edit to fit if your head is small or large.

DERP. Scarf Box v2 – Silk Wrap brought from the market place. click scarf to change colour.

.:KC:. MAIA PUMPS with hud  medium foot Maitreya

Hair :- MINA Hair – Chantal – blonde brought from the market place.

Body is Maitreya

head catwa jessica

New piece of Art :- Watching the storm from the seashore

Sometimes we are reminded to go back and revisit sims as there is always something new, like a hidden treasure we didn’t see before. A friend reminded me that this week so I am planning to revisit some of the sims I loved.

The shoes were found near some chairs an umbrella and something else like a small table. It wasn’t them that caught my eye but the shoes like being abandon and I wanted to own them, to make them stand out in their own way.

The sims have many things to offer such as sea, sand, rain, lighting, subdue colours, buildings, no matter what you are seeking other than the sun.

I do use either photoshop or paintshop pro but there are other programmes you can use and each have there own filters to use.

Sims Lm:- Sommegewitter / Cosima http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosima/73/152/27


You are allowed to rez poses if your too long I think there is an auto return but you have plenty of time to set up and take photos before you can find it in your lost and found folder.

summer thunderstorm , Insel , Isle , Island ,  See , Nordsee , Sylt , Westerland , Hallig , Strand , Urlaub , Meer , Northernsea , Beach , holiday , Sea , Wetter , Weather , deutsch , german, open for  everybody.


Pose used:- [EvoLove]  ‘Here comes the Rain’.

Dress worn:- ::GB::Wet Dress 2016

Hair by:-  “”D!va”” Hair “Alyssa”

Inworld tool:- LUMIPro 2017